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Summer Goals:

----- Finish off the robot (Remote Computer Control)
----- Implementation of Sonar
----- Full Assembly Instructions
----- Software Documentation
----- Annual Club Paperwork
----- Start Insectoid Robot


(05-26-2006) Full Bridge Driver Wiring Diagram (Instructions page)
(05-23-2006) Exploding Power MosFET
(05-23-2006) H-Bridge Wiring Diagram (Instructions page)
(05-04-2006) Updated To-Do List
(05-04-2006) Instructions for motor module assembly
(05-04-2006) Documentation on HDD partition Scheme
(05-04-2006) Proposed network schematic

What you need to know:

This semester, one easy goal to keep people on the same page is to frequently update the website. The weekly agenda will be posted under "Upcoming Events," and old meeting notes will be in "Archive." Your personal tasks will be listed under "To-Do," while general status of the robot can be found in "Projects."

Club Members:

Pictured (left to right) Front: Tony_0 Back: Joe, Mark_0, Tim, Seth, Italia (hasn't showed since picture), Dan, Steve, Tony_1
Not Pictured: Scott

Mailing List:
Phone: (608) no-phone

Rm 1070 Engineering Centers Bldg.
1550 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

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